Formed in November 2018, the Southwark Borough of Sanctuary is a local community movement working to ensure Southwark is a recognised ‘Borough of Sanctuary’ that proudly welcomes refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.

The campaign is part of the wider national City of Sanctuary movement which aims to create a network of towns and cities throughout the UK which are proud to be places of safety and inclusion for people seeking sanctuary.

  • To harness public support and focus on what people can do to help refugee, migrant and asylum seeker communities in Southwark
  • To celebrate the contribution of refugee and migrant communities to the diversity of Southwark
  • To highlight the work of the long-standing refugee support organisations in Southwark including: Southwark Day Centres for Asylum Seekers; Southwark Refugee and Migrant Project; Southwark Refugee Communities Forum; Southwark Law Centre and Peckham Sponsors Refugees.
  • To aise awareness both of international refugee issues and the issues facing refugees in the UK
  • To hallenge the anti-refugee and anti-migrant attitudes of much of the media and political establishment

The Southwark Borough of Sanctuary movement are inviting individuals and organisations (including businesses, schools, arts organisations, churches, community groups) based in Southwark to sign a resolution of support.

Sign the pledge to:

  • Make Southwark a recognised ‘Borough of Sanctuary’
  • Welcome those fleeing persecution, conflict, violence and disasters in their home countries
  • Recognise the positive contribution of refugees and people seeking sanctuary to the UK
  • Commit to taking a practical step towards welcoming and including them in our activities
  • Be a part of the movement and shape how we work towards making Southwark a Borough of Sanctuary.


Sign the resolution of support here.


Download as a PDF or Word file and return by email to


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Twitter: @SthwrkSanctuary

Facebook: Southwark Borough of Sanctuary