Are you a fan of pedal power? Do you feel that cycling is becoming ever more challenging in Southwark? Do you think that more people should be joining the two-wheeled revolution? If so you have a lot in common with Southwark Cyclists!


They campaign on all cycling issues in the borough, run events, cycle socially, carry out research, support London Cycling Campaign’s work, and usually manage to have fun in the process.

Their successes are due to a very active membership which includes a team of fantastic volunteers and committee, but they always welcome new people. Why not give some time?

They offer lots of options to get involved and state that every little helps! If you wish to join in their campaign support will be given to you and you can fit volunteering around your lifestyle. 

Their three aims are enshrined in their consitution:

  • encourage more people to cycle,
  • improve conditions for cyclists,
  • raise the profile of cycling.

If you want to get involved or find out more you can visit their website here or get in touch using the details below.

Contact Southwark Cyclists