The Save Champion Hill campaign has been set up by local residents in opposition of the development of Seavington House, the flats and garages on the junction of Champion Hill and Dog Kennel Hill.

The proposed development is situated directly across the street from DKH Primary School and is likely to affect local residents.

Campaigners argue that the development is likely to cause overcrowding and will majorly affect sight lines for people using the junction. They state that the council are proposing to build three large blocks of flats right up to the boundary of the site, meaning loss of green space and removal of many semi-mature trees.

On the flip side Southwark council would argue that the development will provide much needed affordable housing for the borough.

The campaign team acknowledges this need for social housing but believes that Southwark Council could propose an alternative scheme here which works with the issues that the community have previously raised.

The deadline for leaving a comment is the 29th of March 2018.

Information on how to comment:

Application address:

Seavington House and Garages, Champion Hill, London SE5 8DN

Application number:


The application can be viewed and commented on the council’s portal at: – search the application number 18/AP/0532

For more information about the campaign click here.