You are invited to the 4th Walworth Town Hall roundtable discussion. 

These discussions are held to get a variety of Walworth community groups and organisations that operate locally to discuss community needs, requirements and aspirations for the community space.

The outreach and discussions held to date have helped us gather very valuable information and we look forward to the community’s continued involvement. For your reference, please find attached the design document presented at meeting 3 along with a summary note.

During our next meeting we will be presenting updated plans based on previous feedback. We will also be progressing the discussion around the management of the space. The meeting details are as follows:

Date: Monday 9th of December 2019 

Time: 6-8pm 

Location: 155 Walworth Road, London SE17 1RS

Please RSVP by December 6th.

Frederic Schwass
General Projects

T: +44 (0) 203 770 7600
M: +44 (0) 785 796 6040


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