BermondseyStreet.London Meeting on Wednesday 9 October 6.30pm

BermondseyStreet.London members will be meeting over a glass of wine.

Please do come and join us at 8 Holyrood St SE1 2EL 6.30pm.

Email to book your place. 

Gillian King, local archaeologist will bring us up to date on the latest finds in our area and beyond. People have travelled or lived here for thousands of years leaving all sorts of objects and traces. Perhaps the most impressive are the remains of the medieval Bermondsey Abbey. Come along and hear more.

BermondseyStreet.London has applied for funding for wider pavements on the eastern side of Bermondsey Street relieving the current over-crowding.

Do you have other ideas for local improvements? If so, please come along and share them. We may be able to help!

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