Bermondsey has 3 wards with a total of 9 councillors. There are 6 seats occupied by Liberal Democrat candidates, and seats occupied by Labour candidates. 

Listed below are the elected representatives that represent the people of Bermondsey. Get in touch with them if you have an issue that is affecting you or the area you live in. 

London Bridge and West Bermondsey


North Bermondsey


South Bermondsey


Residents of Bermondsey are represented at the local level by their councillor. The councillor organises community meetings for members of their ward to discuss issues affecting the local area. Sometimes, your councillor will chair a joint meeting with a neighbouring ward councillor to discuss an issue affecting both wards.

To find out who your councillors are, please check the previous tab 'Councillors & MP'. There is also a link here to the council website where you can check which ward you're in using their interactive map.


Twice a year, the council hosts a multi-ward meeting for residents across several wards. Bermondsey is represented at the North-East forum.

These meetings are mainly for funding programmes information, process, and announcement of decisions, including:



In each multi-ward forum, a Councillor will be a community champion and will chair these meetings ensuring these larger meetings operate effectively.

Community Champion: Sunny Lambe / / 07985 114 345


You can contact the local Development Officer with questions, suggestions and feedback for the council on things like policy, grants, and public spending. You can find their contact details below.

The council also sends a monthly news letter with all the latest information on developments in your area. If you'd like to receive this newsletter, and/ or be alerted to news and events, you can request this with the EC development Officer:

Bridget Galloway
Tel: 020 752 1780


Southwark Council:

Community Southwark and other local stakeholders in Southwark are currently in the process of developing an interactive map of all the community groups, organisations, NGOs and more in the borough.

This will be a public resource with the aim of informing residents, businesses and friends of Southwark what services and groups are locally available. Keep your eyes peeled on Southwark CAN for more information. 

If you have any questions regarding community groups, or you want to get more connected with your community, please contact:

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