is a website dedicated to
providing information on local activism in
The London Borough of Southwark

…to raise awareness of the issues affecting Southwark’s communities, such as regeneration proposals, climate change, knife crime and changes to local and national policy

…to get residents, businesses, organisations, charities and professionals involved in their community by providing information on community initiatives, campaigns and petitions

…to provide information on pathways to create change, and connect people with local networks and activists in Southwark standing up for the things that matter to them



…a borough-wide network of
active citizens who want to make
a difference, just like you!



…what kind of things you’d like to hear from us about, whether it be climate action, regeneration, local campaigns, news, events, or something else.



…our monthly news letter that summarises all the latest updates in the borough, including invites to campaigns and other community or local meetings.



…if you have an idea for something you want to do, you’ve heard something you want share, or you’re looking for campaigns to get involved in- you can contact us

Getting involved is easier than you might think. The first step is to sign up by clicking the button below.

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