It was set up as a result of many new developments failing to meet the Council’s minimum policy requirement of 35% affordable housing.

They try to engage in planning matters ranging from housing to public realm and sustainable development. Many are associated with the Elephant Amenity Network, which has 3 principles:

  • Open Masterplanning
  • Benefits for All
  • Housing that really is Affordable

They don’t believe that the existing regeneration plans that are currently underway in Southwark are set to benefit all members of the local community. Many have either lost their homes or fear losing their livelihoods as traders.

Unsurprisingly they don’t consider that Southwark council has competently managed the regeneration process so far, or that their local councillors – from any of the political parties – have represented their best interests. 

The campaign is perhaps one of the most vocal in Southwark. If you feel the same way and want to find out more you can visit their website here.

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