Walworth CAN 23/03/2017 Meeting Notes

The latest Walworth CAN meeting saw community growers come from far and wide to discuss their projects and debate the idea of establishing some infrastructure support for a community growing network in the Walworth area (and potentially further afield).   Attendees Helen P – Surrey Gardens TRA Jenny Jefferis – Surrey Gardens TRA Sue Amos – … Continue reading Walworth CAN 23/03/2017 Meeting Notes

Bermondsey CAN 14/03/2017

For this meeting we decided to merge the Bermondsey and Rotherhite meetings and focus on all things cultural! We heard from local artists and organisations doing great things in the area… and further afield!  Attendees:  Lucy Bradshaw – London Bubble  Alex Evans – Artist in Residence at Tower Bridge/London Bubble  Michael Daniels – WORG/Local Resident  David Rodrigues – GLV/Local Resident  Denis McMillan – … Continue reading Bermondsey CAN 14/03/2017

Dulwich CAN 09/03/17 Meeting Notes

Participants Lilian Bartholomew                 Catrin Waugh Jean Halden                            Lucia Annear Robert Jamieson                    Clare Chamberlain Francis Bernstein                    Marianne Kavanagh Drew Mackie                           Eileen Conn Agenda 1.    Neighbourhood Forums 2.    Online Community Asset Mapping and Network Mapping Tools 3.    New Southwark Plan – Area Visions and Site Allocations 4.    Actions 1. Neighbourhood Forums Rob Jamieson gave a brief over view of what a … Continue reading Dulwich CAN 09/03/17 Meeting Notes

Camberwell CAN 07/03/17 Meeting Notes

Last year Camberwell was overlooked as the preferred site for the proposed Bakerlook line extensions, which will now run to Lewisham along the Old Kent Road. Although this was a blow to Camberwellians all may not be lost… This meeting discussed the growing campaign to reopen Camberwell Station!  Attendees Chris Deacon – Thamesreach  Cllr Keiron Williams – Chair of Camberwell Community … Continue reading Camberwell CAN 07/03/17 Meeting Notes